Humes reasons for rejecting miracles essay

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The Problem of Evil

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On the one hand, the deeper reason for this changed position lies in the neutralization of religious questions. Apr 27,  · Miracles pose a significant problem for the philosopher of religion, because if an act is deemed miraculous, it supercedes the laws of nature.

However, the laws of nature are always subject to God; therefore, a miracle cannot theoretically exist.

Assess Hume’s Reasons for Rejecting Miracles

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14 Hume's Skeptical Naturalism Peter S. FosI The task of this essay1 is to describe the relationship between Hume's skepticism and his naturalism, and in doing so to demonstrate the way some of Hume's most important recent commentators have misunder- stood both. That Religious Studies Website Tuesday, February 21, If God exists why do bad things happen?

Many atheists use this kind of argument as a basis for rejecting belief in God, the point being that if there is an all-powerful (omnipotent) and all-good (benevolent) Deity, then why do bad things happen? and largely for the reasons Volf.

One’s reasons for rejecting divine beings that are live, relevant, and familiar possibilities are probably different from the reasons that one lacks a belief in some culturally and historically remote being like Zeus, Guangchengzi, Binbeal, or Nin-man.

Humes reasons for rejecting miracles essay
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