For whom and to what extent

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Definition of 'to the extent of/that/to such an extent that(etc)'

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WHO Malaria fact sheet

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For Whom and to What Extent Was the American West a Land of Opportunity for During the Years – ? The American West was viewed as a land of opportunity and success for many people of different racial and financial backgrounds during the time between to x Conventional radiotherapy is a common strategy for treating cancer patients, but it can induce multiple organ damage.

The effect of supplementation with inorganic nitrate, a novel radioprotectant, on systemic damage was evaluated in a mouse model of total body gamma irradiation. For whom and to what extent was the American west a land of opportunity from to ? The American west was a land of opportunity for immigrants,farmers, and former slaves.

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For whom and to what extent was the US a land of opportunity from 1870-1890?

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For whom and to what extent
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For whom and to what extent was the US a land of opportunity from ? | Yahoo Answers