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Dreams of Vinyl - The story of the LP (long playing) record by Jac Holzman

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Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Emerson, Lake and Palmer were one of the very first supergroups having converged from such groups as The Nice, King Crimson, Atomic Rooster and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. And they lived up to the name being one of the prime innovators in the (at that time) youthful genre of progressive rock.

They spawned many imitators, none quite approaching the genius of the original. Official merch, authentic gear and unique gifts from Essay. The story of the LP (long playing) record lies at the heart of recording history. The first widespread pre-recorded music device was the player piano with large punched paper rolls, (cumbersome to load, apt to tear) which brought "recorded" music into homes throughout America and the world.

About Vinyl.

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Recent years have seen not just a revival, but a rebirth of the analogue record. More than merely a nostalgic craze, vinyl has become a cultural icon. Some records issued in the ss were still on catalog until the early s.

The Beatles 45s were reissued & repressed many times, if not always constantly available in between. Cherry Red Records / Esoteric Recordings acquire The Strawbs Witchwood Media catalogue Cherry Red Records is pleased to announce that they have acquired the extensive catalogue of Witchwood Media, home to the music of the legendary Strawbs and roster of other related artists.

The acquisition follows the release of The Ferryman’s Curse, the acclaimed new studio album by Strawbs, in the.

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